An appreciation for nature, creativity, and quality of life.

These are the characteristics that make Vancouver, one of the biggest cities on Canada’s Pacific coast, unique.

A model of sustainable growth and multiculturalism, Vancouver has recently gained recognition for its innovative architecture as well, thanks to the presence of numerous avant-garde design studios.

This is why Cesar has decided to open its new flagship store here, with the objective of attracting a clientele that is particularly mindful of the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The showroom, located in Railtown, reflects Cesar’s exclusive nature, through a unique and engaging stylistic concept developed by Garcia Cumini, and showcases a wide range of iconic kitchens, with a special focus being given to the latest products.

One of these is featured in the display window: an elegant version of the Tangram island. Its sinuous shape is enhanced by the unique three-dimensional effect of the doors with a metallic-effect lacquer, also present in the Maxima 2.2 tall units which complete the composition.

Meanwhile, the inside of the store is dominated by the delicate and elegant Magnolia silk-effect finish, which ties together the Unit island and Maxima 2.2 bases and cabinets, paired with the Dressup system in a precious Champagne finish.

In the adjacent space, focus shifts to more tactile elements and intense colours: the Breccia Imperiale marble of the splendid N_Elle island is paired with the technomat Brace of Maxima 2.2 through a snack counter in Rovere Mediterraneo, the same essence featured in the Intarsio tall units in the background.

A collection of products that represent the wide variety of Cesar’s catalogue and that, at the same time, demonstrate its versatility, based on a unified design approach and creative harmony aimed at ensuring that each client has the utmost freedom in the composition of their space.