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Israel is a special place where different cultures come together, not the least of which the culture of cuisine. In the kitchen, the centre of family and social life, a wealth of flavours from all around the world can be found: strong and delicate, spicy and sweet, Eastern and Western. Cesar’s kitchens also offer an unparalleled combination of functionality and elegance, tradition and innovation, natural materials and patented technological solutions as well as logic and emotions. Like the most sophisticated and traditional dishes, our kitchens are not designed to leave you indifferent, but rather to be loved and enjoyed. The passion with which they are created and displayed in the Tel Aviv store, is equal to that of the people who choose them for their own home.

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Projects and Solutions

The Tel Aviv store works hand in hand with architects and interior designers who seek the perfect partner with which to bring their design projects to life. A wide range of modular solutions, willingness and flexibility in the creation of custom-made furniture, quality materials, finishes and colours selected according to market demand, and attention to detail are just a few of our strengths.

The result is that architectural spaces are enhanced to their fullest, as are the stylistic concepts which are at the foundation of the most exclusive projects.


Assembly and

The constructive aspect of our kitchens is the best assurance that they will be perfectly installed in your home. Attention to detail during the manufacturing stage, the opportunity to create customised and tailor-made elements, safe packaging and transport, and the technical ability of our installers all combine to ensure a rapid and meticulous installation.

The greatest care is taken with the final clean-up so that you may begin enjoying your Cesar kitchen immediately.