Within architectonic spaces inspired by rationalism, characterised by strict lines and geometries, Tangram introduces the pleasure of softness and the novelty of curves.

The sinuous shapes of the Tangram collection create a fluid and effortless movement within this environment, forming dynamic pathways that smoothly navigate without any abrupt corners or intersections.

In the kitchen area, the Tangram island takes centre stage, featuring the exclusive Breccia Imperiale marble worktop with a Macaron edge, paired with Groove doors in a metallic effect lacquered Verde Comodoro Anodyc finish. The Oi Champagne handles add a touch of luxury to the ensemble and create continuity with the wall-mounted Maxima 2.2 tall units. Made of high gloss Acacia wood, these tall units feature a system with recessed doors and rear panel and top in Breccia Imperiale marble, and are equipped with the Dressup Line in the Champagne finish.

The cooking area and living room are separated by the double-sided Tangram sideboard, which also features Groove doors in metallic effect lacquered Verde Comodoro Anodyc finish and Oi Champagne handles. The side facing the kitchen includes a large glass cabinet, perfect for storing everyday objects.

The Platform table in the Rovere Fossile finish is positioned in the centre of the adjacent room, accompanied by a Mobilis composition that combines closed modules with a flip-up door and a drawer unit, also in Rovere Fossile, along with open modules in a structured lacquered Quarzo finish.

The sideboard beautifully incorporates Tangram's signature curves, complemented by a Palladio Fenice engineered stone top with an elegant Eclair edge and adorned with an exquisite Accento Champagne handle.

The overall composition offers a high impact style, in terms of both colour choices and finishes. The clear contrast with the subtle pastel shades used on the walls enhances the interplay of light and dark within the arrangement, making it an attractive focal point for design enthusiasts.