The industrial-inspired linear structure encases a space awash with light, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors: the perfect environment able to emphasize the fluidity that defines the Unit collection.

Drawing inspiration from the large windows that make the building unique, the central passageway of the double-sided Unit Pocket island effortlessly connects the dining and the living areas by extending at the centre the Vintage worktop in stainless steel, designed for both washing and cooking, complemented by a snack area in Breccia Imperiale marble.

The ensemble, featuring a double-depth extension, is entirely crafted in Verde Comodoro Anodyc lacquer. This same finish is chosen for the kitchen area doors, which are adorned with the large Eero Champagne handles.

On the side facing the living area, a different and quite spectacular space emerges. The doors feature Fumé glass and Rock fabric, creating the illusion of a screen where the shapes of the objects placed on the various shelves loom, illuminated from behind by the Solaris splashback. The black frame encases each door, tracing a contrasting outline of exceptional aesthetic value.

Remaining within this area, the refined Breccia Imperiale marble worktops create a visual continuity between the two Unit Coffee Tables situated in front of the sofas and the Pocket’s snack area.

The very same material is used for the splashback of the wall-mounted Dressup with Fumé glass shelves, which is combined with a further Dressup element featuring doors, frame and splashback in elegant Frassino Brown, echoing the unique chromatic shades of the marble.

To complete the ensemble, we find the Mobilis composition in structured Verde Comodoro lacquer, with Champagne knobs and “Fiocina”, a finish that bestows a special value upon each detail with its soft glow.

The kitchen overlooks the dining area. On this side, the “Delicate Camelia” Art Collection splashback of the wall-mounted Dressup captures the spotlight with its delicate colours, enhanced by the black outline and complemented by Fumé glass doors and shelves.

The elongated rectangle of the Solido table in Rovere Corvino, gives the impression to be pointing towards the Unit cupboard: its doors in Frassino Brown melamine evoke the similar finish of the living, but they stand out thanks to the original Accento handles in Nickel Nero Lucido.

The constant dialogue between spaces, between fullness and emptiness, light and shadow, allows Unit to assert itself thanks to its unique personality, achieving the perfect balance between style and functionality.