In our Album, every page is a chapter composed of unique shapes, materials, and colours. On these pages we capture original ideas and intense emotions, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for new design solutions.

The 2024 edition broadens the horizons of Cesar’s modular and versatile furniture, proposing new environments, new finishes, and new combinations. The Tangram collection, for example, is included in the new edition accompanied by Intarsio’s elegant lacquer, featuring raised parallel ridges that play with light and shadow; Unit is presented in its Pocket version, catering to those who want all of the essential kitchen elements together in a single compact unit; and the Mobilis system, with its wall modules inspired by The 50’s, breathes new life into the living room.

Furthermore, each collection is accompanied by a range of supplementary products, featuring exclusive materials like marble treated with the innovative Ipogeo processing technique, which creates captivating contrasts between glossy and matte finishes.

Thus, in this latest edition, anyone can find styles and designs that inspire them, providing a starting point from which they can begin imagining how to creatively and elegantly enrich their personal spaces.

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